Europe’s “Final Countdown”, performed by the Swedish Army’s Musical Platoon (AMP) on the Palace Square in Monaco, 1992, at a time when relations between Sweden and Monaco were grand, thanks not least to Sweden’s Consul in Monaco at the time, who arranged this event with the help of a Swedish Army Captain and Mr David Fristedt. A year later, Monaco joined the United Nations. Late Prince Rainier III’s last wish for Monaco was that to see it joining the European Council, a wish that were to be granted. Monaco’s obligations towards said Council are now to be fulfilled in His memory. This suggests the dismantling of the "Direction of Judicial Services". Photo realized by David Fristedt.

Europe’s “Final Countdown”, performed by the Swedish Army’s Musical Platoon (AMP) on the Palace Square in Monaco, 1992, at a time when relations between Sweden and Monaco were grand, thanks not least to Sweden’s Consul in Monaco at the time, who arranged this event with the help of a Swedish Army Captain * and Mr David Fristedt. A year later, Monaco joined the United Nations. Late Prince Rainier III’s last wish for Monaco was that to see it joining the European Council, a wish that were to be granted. Monaco’s obligations towards said Council are now to be fulfilled in His memory. This suggests the dismantling of the “Direction of Judicial Services”. Photo realized by David Fristedt.

Дворец для Путина. История самой большой взятки – YouTube

Extracts of the criminal complaint of the 28th of January 2013 against the Norwegian consul in Monaco, for all legal intents and purposes (fax to the fourth Chief Prosecutor in this scandal, Mr Jean-Pierre DRENO):

“ Our ref : Club 137 : Criminal complaint in a haste as of the 28th of January 2013 within article 137 of the Monegasque Criminal code against Mrs Honorary Consul General of the Kingdom of Norway and Bailiff in Monaco Claire NOTARI, free / at large.

You now have all it takes to not aggravate any further a resolved case. On BIMCAM’s topic 15, I have not had the time to explain what the Club 137 consists of. It is about people that from the beginning are concerned about the last paragraph of article 137 of the Monegasque Criminal Code. I can already tell you that it is composed by full members and practicing members, the former group being sedentary, and composed by Philippe NARMINO, Brigitte Grinda-GAMBARINI, Marie-Thérèse ESCAUT-MARQUET and of Patricia HUSSON. It just welcomed its fifth member: Claire NOTARI.”

Urgent update of the 30th of April 2014


On the 17th of March 2014, the commissioner for the European Council on the eventual adhesion of Monaco to said council, Leonid SLUTSKY, was finally sanctioned , through means of not least the freezing of assets by no less than the President of the United States of America Barack OBAMA http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2014/03/17/fact-sheet-ukraine-related-sanctions. 

For Europe’s security as of spring 2014, those in power in Monaco ought however sine qua non to be added on that list. Indeed, the measures taken since (financial gap in time) by the United States of America and the European Union would otherwise hardly be enforceable in practice. This goes for insurance companies toohttp://www.ascoma.com/en/the-group/organisation.html. A hint was given to H.M. the King of Sweden in the letter that Patricia HUSSON falsified, in France (French jurisdiction). More on this under topics 3, 5, 8, 9 and 11.

For reasons of World security, NATO should instantly make sure that the less than 2 nautical miles wide but very deepentrance from international waters to the European Union via the State of Monaco be patrolled. Never since WWII has the protection of one border been so called for. To quote former Swedish Prime Minister Thorbjörn FÄLLDIN: “Hold the border!” (Whisky on the rocks: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_submarine_S-363 ) Swedish BIMCAM’s editor and publisher once served in the Swedish Navy (Marinen, KA1, just as the current Minister of Defence) as a volunteer, during the Soviet Union era, despite being resident in Monaco at the time, and as such exempted from then mandatory military service. Asked why, he replied to the recruiting Officer, as one of his reasons: “I am Swedish!”

“Hold the border!” Swedish Prime Minister Thorbjörn FÄLLDIN, 1981. With Sweden’s consul in Monaco Patricia HUSSON as the simultaneous advisor to dictator Prince Albert II of Monaco, this quote now goes for NATO’s attention, since France allows Monaco to breach their bilateral treaties. Do note that since the treaty is from early 1984, and was not registered until late 1985, BIMCAM has not had the time to verify whether the geographic information on the then non UN-member had been updated in time regarding WGS 1984. Reliable updated maritime charts are usually those from the Admirality, with the mention “DEPTH IN METERS”. Link to UN-convention with original map. HUSSON and Albert II are members of the “Comité Directeur", YCM (Yacht Club de Monaco).

“Hold the border!” Swedish Prime Minister Thorbjörn FÄLLDIN, 1981. With Sweden’s consul in Monaco Patricia HUSSON as the simultaneous advisor to dictator Prince Albert II of Monaco, this quote now goes for NATO’s attention, since France allows Monaco to breach their bilateral treaties. Do note that since the treaty is from early 1984, and was not registered until late 1985, BIMCAM has not had the time to verify whether the geographic information on the then non UN-member had been updated in time regarding WGS 1984. Reliable updated maritime charts are usually those from the Admirality, with the mention “DEPTH IN METERS”. Link to UN-convention with original map. HUSSON and Albert II are members of the “Comité Directeur“, YCM (Yacht Club de Monaco).

On the 7th of January 2014, Minister of State Michel ROGER declared the whole year 2015 to be dedicated to the celebration by Monaco of Russia, since a deal struck between Prince Albert II and Vladimir PUTIN http://www.monacohebdo.mc/13374-2015-annee-de-la-russie-a-monaco. There is no record in World history of any state committed to celebrate another one for 365 days in a row.

Extract of the article (BIMCAM’s translation):

“2015, Russian year in Monaco”

[…] “ The “Russian phenomena” in Monaco ought to increase even further. During his wishes to the press on the 7th of January, the Minister of State Michel Roger has indeed announced that prince Albert – through a deal struck with Vladimir Putin – has decided that 2015 would be the Russian year in Monaco. “A significant number of events will be organized to mark the historic ties that unite the two countries. The chief of the Government stressed that “Besides, I preside a preparation committee.”[…]

On the 4th of October 2013, Prince Albert of Monaco gave the Russian president the finest Monegasque distinction, the Grand-Cross of the Order of Saint-Charles. Philippe NARMINO and the non elected Minister of State Michel ROGER (appointed by Albert and NARMINO), a French citizen and former judge in the Supreme Court, were executives of such measure.

*This medal can only be awarded for great services rendered to the country or the person of the Prince.


Lately, Russian bomb planes were headed towards Sweden. Danish F16 fighter jets (not Swedish JAS-Gripen) reacted immediately and successfully from NATO’s base in – according to Expressen – Lithuaniahttp://www.expressen.se/nyheter/ryska-plan-ovade-attack-mot-sverige/. Sweden has an obligation of military protection of the Baltic States. This means in practice that NATO can use Sweden as a base should Russia try to invade Latvia, for instance http://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/article18734684.ab. See moreover the Monday Movement which twentieth’s anniversary was commemorated by Fredrik REINFELDT and the Baltic Chiefs of State on the 15th of August 2011. On topic 8, BIMCAM wrote: “Additional information of 19 September 2011 due to new events of August 2011” in what was to become the by now since long time ago already resolved HUSSON-MALBRANCKE AFFAIR.

Any international initiative by Monaco’s dictator Prince Albert II (not elected, with a non elected “prime minister”) must go through the Crown Council, chosen by the prince himself. This is written in the Monegasque Constitution. Sweden’s consul in Monaco Patricia HUSSON has thus as Monegasque Crown councilor given the go-ahead for the Russian year in Monaco, the medal to Russia’s president and so forth. She has proven that she acts in the name of Sweden at whim, when it suits her. If Prime Minister REINFELDT does not put an end to her being a consul for Sweden, then this will be of concern to NATO. Prince Albert has allowed her to forge correspondence with Sweden’s Chief of State, in the name of Sweden. She acts against both Swedish interests as well as those of NATO’s.

Smooth operation / Russian coup d’État? NARMINO-controlled Monaco Hebdo’s 2013 summer issue #845. How many warnings does the World need?

Smooth operation / Russian coup d’État? NARMINO-controlled Monaco Hebdo’s 2013 summer issue #845. How many warnings does the World need?


Monaco’s membership within the European Council since soon ten years ought to be urgently reconsidered, or – in light of Slutsky’s and Russia’s involvement in the matter, to be declared null and void: better safe than sorry.
Excerpt from the letter of the 5th of March 2007 to Philippe NARMINO:
“If those responsible for the current matter persist in saying or suggesting that they are acting in the name of the Prince, this cannot be true: it is completely implausible and must therefore come down to lese-majesty.” 

Since that date, Albert II’s presumption of innocence has always prevailed during the editing of the present inescapable web-based Swedish publication, by default of a Monegasque free press, published in French and in English in accordance with the policy of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

However, reality wins over fiction, as shows Sweden’s headache and historically fatal blow to Monaco below, thanks to Patricia HUSSON.

Red masking by BIMCAM. This is a by Swedish authorities confirmed secret conviction bearing the stamp of the Consul of Norway, bailiff Claire NOTARI (topics 1, 2, 8 and more), member of the Club 137 (see top of page). It has brought about criminal complaints within Europe, and not least on the 7th of April 2014 against First Court registrar in Monaco Béatrice BARDY and – with the Swedish Government’s Office as BIMCAM’s witness, the secretary of Philippe NARMINO - Martine PROVENCE. For now, BIMCAM just cannot publish the information to its Swedish Government, due to Patricia HUSSON’s double loyalties. Nevertheless, BIMCAM herewith declares Prince ALBERT II as the head of the Club 137.

Red masking by BIMCAM. This is a by Swedish authorities confirmed secret conviction bearing the stamp of the Consul of Norway, bailiff Claire NOTARI (topics 1, 2, 8 and more), member of the Club 137 (see top of page). It has brought about criminal complaints within Europe, and not least on the 7th of April 2014 against First Court registrar in Monaco Béatrice BARDY and – with the Swedish Government’s Office as BIMCAM’s witness, the secretary of Philippe NARMINO – Martine PROVENCE. For now, BIMCAM just cannot publish the information to its Swedish Government, due to Patricia HUSSON’s double loyalties. Nevertheless, BIMCAM herewith declares Prince ALBERT II as the head of the Club 137.

This flagrant breach of the separation of powers is truly shocking. Indeed, on the 25th of October 2007, the Princely Palace wrote the following: [BIMCAM’s translation] “Your step has gathered all the attention of His Serene Highness. However, in terms of decisions of justice and their carrying out, it is impossible for Him to intervene, no matter what, due to the separation of powers. Copy of the present has however been forwarded to the Direction of Judicial Services, for all intents and purposes.”
To read the entire letter (Encl. nr 4 of the Supreme Court and thus of former prosecutor general Jacques RAYBAUD), click here.

Ever so biased Albert II of Monaco acts as judge in a court of first instance, in the name of God. Note to the European Council. The self-incriminated members of Club 137 are all united on or in this historical, disgraceful document. Didier ESCAUT with his wife the bailiff Marie-Thérèse ESCAUT-MARQUET and Sweden’s consul in Monaco Patricia HUSSON. The words “Court of appeal” refer to Brigitte Grinda-GAMBARINI.

To the left is the supposed signature of the current client of lawyer Didier ESCAUT, prosecutor general Jean-Pierre DRENO, who stood trial on last 7th of April 2014. In the upper left corner is the stamp of the Consul of Norway, whose Monegasque bailiff address is that of the Norwegian Consulate. Look at the red stamp, and note the address of 17, Boulevard Albert 1er, and compare with this Norwegian link.

This is the predicted result of the actions of Sweden’s Consul in Monaco, Patricia HUSSON.

Under the criminal complaint against the consul of Norway in Monaco Claire NOTARI (see extract on top of this page) and considering the alarming information therein for the interests of the Kingdom of Norway, BIMCAM wrote to DRENO that a letter to the Norwegian Minister of State was due before the 17th of May 2013 (Norway’s national day). Said Minister lost the elections, but is now head of NATO. Nevertheless, a letter to the current Norwegian Government seems to be in order, should it not fire Claire NOTARI before the upcoming 17th of May. One may think that a certain Eva JOLY would agree.

Here are Transparency International’s statistics of which Monaco is formidably absent: http://cpi.transparency.org/cpi2013/results. Monaco fails so badly as to not even figure within them, since it is too closed a country for credible journalists to enter this to the European Council wrongfully admitted member and make due investigations.

Best in class, anno 2013: Denmark and New Zealand (1), Finland and Sweden (3); Worst of the class: Somalia, North Korea and Afghanistan (175), Sudan and South Sudan (174) and Libya (172).

After having been briefed, the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs Utrikesminister Carl BILDT used the expression Quisling to describe one of the individuals mentioned above in the link from the American White House. Well, with these two consuls in Monaco for two Nordic countries, the Quisling Virus seems to have become epidemic.


In an official letter prior to the above shown proof of Albert II acting as a judge, the current president of the European Court of Human Rights Mr Dean SPIELMANN was duly warned about the false information he had gotten from Monaco and was given access to the uncensored, alarming police reports on Philippe NARMINO.

Instead of reflecting upon the worrying signals the letter obviously sent, Mr SPIELMANN did the opposite and more or less wrote a “love letter”, stressing the particularly remarkable skills of Monaco’s judge at the ECHR (a former judge of Monaco’s court of first instance), and speaking for all magistrates and lawyers of Monaco.

Mr Spielmann’s “as informal as possible” [sic] speech to the honour of not least Philippe NARMINO in Monaco, on the 15 November 2013 was written on an awkward head letter of the European Court of Human Rights containing also the logo of the European Council. Said Court cannot find any an English translation of it. BIMCAM has obviously remedied to it, but waits for the Court in question to provide an official translation. The content of the letter suggests Dean SPIELMANN’s imminent resignation in what is now known as the MONACO-SPIELMANN Affair http://www.echr.coe.int/Documents/Speech_20131115_Monaco_FRA.pdf.

Here is an extract, translated by BIMCAM:


Click here (pdf file)

The whole idea of the ECHR is to protect the individual from abuse by State authorities. It is through Russian and Monegasque pressure that the ECHR now has a single judge appointed to judge for himself or herself if a case is deemed transferable to the actual Court, who befriends the head of States put into question, hence stripping it of its initial reason to be. This happened concurrently with the appeal after the judgment commented under topic 1. One of the judges therein, now Minister of State Michel ROGER, brags in writing about how the ECHR ought to have legalized all his actions. The corruption is pouring over like the Champagne which some bring in in too big a haste, shaking the bottle in the process. Indeed, if there is something that Monaco is World champion at, it is to make their guests of choice feel very, very special. This has just been proven once again.


Leonid SUTSKY was of way greater concern to what was to become BIMCAM than Philippe NARMINO ever was. A huge dossier to the European Council now comes into light.

Here is an example of a letter sent four days after that sent to Philippe NARMINO on the 5th of March 2007, and addressed to the Committee on the honoring obligations and commitments by Member States of the Council of Europe (red masking by BIMCAM). Minister of State Michel ROGER has been given a few hints since. Needless to say, he has failed miserably in terms of acting upon them. To read the letter, click here.

Recently, Leonid SLUTSKY offered a whole mammoth to Albert II. It is to be viewed at the “Musée d’anthropologie de Monaco”. “During the mammoth’s era (Au temps des mammouths)”. It should be displayed alongside Monaco’s Code of procedure, one which Philippe NARMINO admits to need changing by a fifth in order for Monaco to comply with its obligations towards the Council of Europe (see quote # 1289).

Under topic 10, in DF’s first ever complaint of 133 pages addressed to current (?) general prosecutor of Monaco Jean-Pierre DRENO or DRÉNO, client of Didier ESCAUT, defense-lawyer of the swindler whose judgement of convition was stolen with criminal intent by Patricia HUSSON, DF went into great detail in two languages to harvest proofs. In some of the attached documents, a former president of the European Council and member of Monaco’s Ambassadors’ Club Mr René van der LINDEN was mentioned (see Russian controversy).

To read an excerpt of a letter addressed to him as of April 2006, click here.

The final countdown for Monaco begun on the 13th of May 2004 with the receipt of warnings to the Monegasque Police, with retroactive effect as from the 17th of May 2004, the national day of the Kingdom of Norway, now forever to be linked with Claire Notari.

Update of the 20th of April 2015



Michail Chodorkovskij  angående en viss typ av Statsapparat.

”Antingen spelar man med, får en bit av kakan och känner sig som en skit, eller så bekämpar man problemet och tar skiten. Det är systemets spelregler.

Det finns en tredje lösning. Den valde Jurij Ivanovitj – han lämnade in sin avskedsansökan. Fast är det verkligen en lösning? Det leder ju till ett negativt urval. Så småningom är det bara de sämsta kvar i systemet. Somliga saknar intelligens för att förstå, andra moral för att åtminstone inte medverka när det har förstått.

Dumskallar eller skurkar – inte precis det bästa materialet att bygga en statsapparat med.”

Citat ur boken ”Mina medfångar” sid 44-45. ISBN 978-91-87891-18-2 Förlag :www.ersatz.se

Update of the 17th of May 2015, Norway’s national day




Here below is the official criminal complaint against Claire NOTARI, received the day before the illegal so called trial (see above) by Jean-Pierre DRÉNO, Monaco’s soon to be ex-prosecutor in Monaco.

It has recently been sent to the prime minister of the Kingdom of Norway, Statsminister Erna SOLBERG, successor to Jens STOLTENBERG, now head of NATO.

Extract from the criminal complaints of the 7th of December 2011(see topic 8), as a reminder of article 137 within its last paragraph, of which is concerned the Club 137:

“Article 137. – Apart from the cases in which the law specifically regulates the sentences provided for aggravated crimes or crimes (1) committed by employees of the State or its public officers, those, pertaining to these categories, who will have participated in other aggravated crimes or crimes that they were in charge to prevent, take legal notice of, ascertain or to see prosecuted, shall be sentenced as follow :

– In the case of a crime, to the maximum of the sentence attached to the crime at stake;

– In case of an aggravated crime :

to an imprisonment of five to ten years, when the aggravated crime suggests to any other guilty a person the sentence of banishment or that of the civic degradation ;

to an imprisonment of ten to twenty years, when the aggravated crime renders to any other guilty a person the sentence of five to ten years imprisonment;

to life imprisonment when the aggravated crime renders to any other guilty a person the sentence of ten to twenty years or life imprisonment.

  • This is not an official translation, whereas the original is being reproduced too. “Délit(s)”, in French, means any crime that renders up to 10 years imprisonment; here translated as “crime(s)”.“Crime(s)”, in French, means any crime rendering from 10 years to life imprisonment; here translated as aggravated crimes.”

The following complaint is the tip of the iceberg. For instance, the Swedish Government has been able to see Notari’s habit of putting her official stamp on the Monegasque authorities’ forgeries, not least regarding the famous letter to H.M the King of Sweden subjected to at least three different forgeries in the ever so ongoing blackmail.

As a bailiff, this Monegasque citizen now works for the interests of a State which continues its  celebration of Russia 365 days in a row (see above), oblivious to its obligations towards France and Europe. BIMCAM wrote  earlier that this would be a case for NATO. See here what Mr Stoltenberg has to say in the Norwegian press, not least regarding Swedish interests:  http://www.vg.no/nyheter/utenriks/nato/norge-s http://www.vg.no/nyheter/utenriks/nato/norge-sverige-og-finland-enige-om-spion-samarbeid-mot-russland/a/23452370/

The Economist is  of  the same opinion as BIMCAM: http://www.economist.com/node/21643189?cid1=d/dsp/Outbrain/dyn/21643189/20150413-00:00am/paid/display-LA/BR-PO/BRPII/none/subs/SE/BR-LIT

BIMCAM moreover has quite a devastating report related to art sales and money laundering. Before its publication, and in the spirit of damage control, the closure of the Norwegian  and Swedish consulates in Monaco is being called for.

Click on link to read the criminal complaint against the fifth sedentary member of the Club 137, Claire NOTARI:

Claire Notari 17 maj 2015 (1)

Update of the 2nd  of September 2015





[coat of arms]



Ministry of Justice                                                                                       


 The Government’s decision                 11:6

17th of June 2015           JuBC2014/1680/BIRS (partially)

To the competent authority within the Principality of Monaco

Request by the Principality of Monaco for mutual judicial assistance in penal matter(s)


  The Government’s decision          

The Government rejects the demand.

The affair

The general prosecution’s office within the Principality of Monaco has asked for Swedish assistance in an ongoing, Monegasque penal procedure. Said Monegasque authority’s request translates into a demand of hearing by Swedish authorities of Monica Fristedt and David Fristedt. According to the request, said persons are being suspected of penal infraction(s) in terms of damaging the honour of x on a website.

The Ministry of Justice sent the affair to the Prosecution’s office, which in turn sent it to the Chancellor of Justice. The Chancellor of Justice decided on the 5th of December 2014 to not act upon the request and to forward all elements of the affair to the Government, should it not approve of the Chancellor of Justice’s judgement, i.e. for the Government to see for itself wether any a legal assistance could be provided.

The reasons for the Government’s decision

The request is pursuant to actions that are protected by the fundamental Law on the freedom of expression.

The Chancelor of Justice has judged that as far as any a hearing with Monica Fristedt be concerned, there are no possibilities for any a favourable action upon such request due to the fundamental Law on the freedom of expression. The Government agrees with this judgement. In earlier decisions, the Government has stated its position, namely that in cases where the Chancellor of Justice rejects a request due to Swedish Law, the Government shall follow through with such decisions in accordance with the fundamental Law on the freedom of expression. The Government finds no reason to reach any other conclusion. The request is hence to be rejected in this matter.

[Contact information as printed on the Government’s official stationary]


Moreover, the Chancellor of Justice has judged that any a positive outcome for the request, in terms of legal a hearing with David Fristedt, could eventually come into conflict with Swedish general principles of Law in the domains of freedom of press and of expression. The 2nd chapter, §14th within its first paragraph states, in terms of international judicial assistance in penal matters, that should a compliancy with such request of legal assistance be in conflict with Swedish general principles of Law, it must be rejected. The Government finds that any a compliancy with the present demand breaches the Swedish general principles of Law in the domains of freedom of press and of expression.

The request must henceforth even for this reason be rejected.

Article 2 in 1959’s European Convention on mutual legal assistance in penal matters provides for the receiver of such request to reject it should the requesting State’s general principles of Law be in conflict with those of the requested State.

On behalf of the Government,

Anders Ygeman

Therése Bengtsson

Copy confirmed as corresponding to the original



The Chancellor of Justice

The Ministry of Justice, L6

Monica Fristedt

David Fristedt [highlighted in yellow marker pen]

The General Prosecution’s Office, International affairs’ unit



  Update the 23rd of November 2015





Världens näst minsta stat, utan egen militär, har kränkt Sverige hela tre gånger i år. Orsaken är att Monacos statschef och furste Albert II har rest ombord. Men när en statschef, som inte är inbjuden hit, passerar svenskt luftrum krävs det tillstånd.”



Scandale à Monaco : les révélations d’un juge – YouTube

Updates of spring 2022

Patricia Husson lives on Boulevard de Suisse. The consulate is on Boulevard Princesse Charlotte – a huge difference!

Transcript of BIMCAM’s recommended letter and e-mail to Ukraine’s President on the 26th of February 2022.


Att: The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky
via […]

Re: Russian invasion of Ukraine – intelligence regarding freezing of Russian assets.

Mister President,

In order to make the freezing of Russian assets more effective, it is herewith strongly suggested that Ukraine demand the freezing of assets of Monaco’s Crown councilor and Sweden’s consul in Monaco Patricia HUSSON.

In 2010, I warned His Majesty the King Carl XVI Gustaf of Patricia HUSSON’s criminal actions and intentions.

Monaco’s year long celebration of Russia after it’s anexation of Crimea needed her aproval, one which is in breach with Sweden’s article 19 of the criminal code (19 kap. brottsbalken) regarding crimes against the State of Sweden. Monaco’s then Minister of State Michel ROGER was subsequently awarded Russia’s Order of the friendship.

Patricia HUSSON also bears responsability for Monaco’s repeated violations of Swedish air space.

It is also herewith strongly suggested that Ukraine demand that Patricia HUSSON be stripped of the Order of the Polar Star which she makes criminal use of to justify her actions.

Finally, non renewal of her position as Sweden’s consul in Monaco would be a big blow to any international organized crime and money laundering and as such to Russian interests.

I hope this intelligence finds You well. The Ukranian people have my deepest sympathy during these dark times; may You prevail soon.
Yours sincerely,

Kingdom of Sweden, the 26th of Februari 2022

David Fristedt
Editor and publisher

Cc: His Majesty the King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and The Embassy of the United States of America in […]”

2th of March 2022.- Russian fighter jets in Swedish air space.

Putin’s inner circle – Prince Albert II


by Robert Eringer
Par Robert Eringer
Av Robert Eringer

Several well-informed sources within Monaco’s close-knit community have informed me that Prince Albert of Monaco is so seriously stressed by scandals rocking the principality that he may soon abdicate.

Maintes sources bien informées de manière intrinsèque sis l’entourage dit près de Monaco m’ont fait savoir qu’Albert souffre d’un stress sérieux à la vue des scandales qui secouent la Principauté de Monaco et qu’il serait près d’abdiquer.

Flera säkra källor inom Monacos välflätade nät vad Monaco anbelangar har gett vid hand att Albert av allvarlig stress lide med anledning av alla de skandaler som skakar om Furstendömet Monaco samt att han voro på gränsen att abdikera.

[English original lost]

Albert n’avait jamais ce qu’il fallait pour reigner, et depuis son investitiue anno 2005, il n’a fait preuves que de ”poor judgement” [inaptitude flagrante de jugement], une impossibilité de se voire présentable voir présent, et est personellement responsable des scandales qui noircissent le nom de Monaco.

Albert hade aldrig vad som krävdes för att styra, och sedan han fick makten i juli 2005 så har han blott påvisat dåligt omdöme, oförmåga till att vara närvarande såväl fysiskt som psykiskt varvid han är ansvarig för de skandaler söm svärrtar Monacos namn.

Here are the facts:
It was Albert who invited the Russian invasion into Monaco, mostly at the behest of his closest associates who stood to gain financially from Russian “investment,” which we now know includes a vast amount of influence-peddling and corruption.

Voici les faits:
C’est Albert qui invita l’invasion par la Russie de Monaco, notamment par le biais de ses associés les plus proches qui allèrent bénéficier financièrement de cet ”investissement russe” que nous savons désormais qu’il est le fruit d’une vaste opération d’influences et de corruption.

Här är fakta:
Det är Albert som erbjöd Ryssland att invadera Monaco, inte minst medelst hans allra närmsta bundsförvanter som så småningom kommo att tjäna på dito ”ryska investering”’ vars skäl numera är ellmant känt, nämligen en storlsagen “vänlighetskampanj” under korruptionens tecken.

It was Albert who established a close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, now considered a global pariah due to his invasions, annexations and assassinations.

C’est Albert qui alla établir une proche relation avec le président russe vladimir Poutine, désormais considéré comme un paria en raison de ses invasions, annexions et assassinats.

Det är Albert som kom att etablera en nära relation med  Rysslands president Vladimir Putin som numera klassas som paria med anledning av hans invasioner, annekteringar samt överlagda mord.

It was Albert who accepted an expensive gift from Putin (a whole dacha built from scratch by Russian laborers) in contravention of the International Olympic Committee’s Code of Ethics. In turn, Albert, an IOC member, voted Sochi (in Russia) for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

C’est Albert qui accepta le cher cadeau de Poutine (une dacha entière construite qu’avec une main d’oeuvre russe) en contravention avec ”the International Olympic Committee’s Code of Ethics”. En retour. Albert – un membre de l’IOC – vota pour Sotchi (en Russie) P
pour les olympyades d’hiver 2014.

Det var Albert som mottog Putins dyrbara gåva bestående av en/ett hel/helt dacha som enkom byggts medelst rysk arbetskraft i strid med ”the International Olympic Committee’s Code of Ethics”. I Gengeäld så svarade Albert med sin röst för Sotchu [se huvudbild, ruta 14, BIMCAM]

It was Albert who appointed the disgraced (and now indicted) Philippe Narmino to Monaco’s top job in the courts as Chief of Judicial Services.

C’est Albert qui nomina le disgracié (et désormais mis en examen / inculpé) Philippe Narmino comme chef de tout ce qui traite de judiciaire ou politique.

Det är Albert som utsåg den vanärade (och numera åtalade) Philippe Narmino till Monacos högsta ämbete [bevisligen i strid med ”the separation of powers” [explicit på engelska]]


It is Albert [that] appointed Narmino even though he knew about Narmino’s corrupt character and activities.

C’est Albert [qui] nomina Narmino en connaissance de cause des actvités et du caractère corompus de ce dernier.

Det är Albert som utnämnde Narmino till den högsta posten trots vetskapen om Narminos korrupta karaktär och förehavanden.

It was Albert who selected the disgraced Paul Masseron to be Interior Minister, now under investigation for bribery and corruption.

Ce fut Albert qui choisit le disgracié Paul Masseron comme ”ministre de l’intérieur” et qui est désormais mis sous examen (inculpé).

Det var Albert som valde den vanhedrade Paul Masseron som en sk inrikesminister och som numera står åtalad.

It was Albert who invited disgraced (and now indicted) Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolov to purchase Monaco’s football team, AS Monaco.

C’est Albert qui invita le désormais (et aujourd’hui mis en examen/incupé) milliardaire russe Dimitry Ryboloviev d’acheter l’A.S. Monaco, l’équipe de football de Monaco.

Det var Albert som lät den numera vanhedrade (och idag också åtalade) ryska mijardären Dimitry Rybolovlev att köpa A.S. Monaco. det monegaskiska fotbollslaget.

On July 4th of this year, France TV 3 (the French equivalent of the BBC) broadcast an hour-long documentary called Pièces of Conviction on the Narmino scandal, posing this question: “How much did the Prince know?” [topic 9, BIMCAM]

Le 4 juillet des présentes [2018], la chaîne France 3 (l’équivalent de la BBC) diffusa un documentaire d’une heure appellé ”Pièces à Conviction” sur le scandale de Narmino, documentaire qui n’eut pas de réponse quanta à la question essentielle: ”combien savait le Prince?” [Cf. sujet 9, BIMCAM]

Den fjärde juli i år [2018] så sände France 3 (Frankrikes motsvarighet till BBC) en timslång dokumentär som hgår under namnet ”bevis” (pièces à conviction) och som berör Narmino-skandalen. Programmet ställer en fråga: hur mycket visste prinsen? [ruta 9. BIMCAM]

As part of this story, producer Pascal Henry interviewed me on camera.

En tant que partie de cette saga, le producteur Pascal Henry m’interviewa avec cameras.

Såsom del i förvarande så blev jag intervjuad med kameror av producent Pascal Henry.

I told France 3 that Prince Albert knew plenty about Narmino’s corrupt activities before appointing him Justice Minister in January 2006.

Je fis par à France 3 du fait que le Prince Albert en savait long sur Narmino et ses déboires corrompues avant que le Prince ne lui accordasse le titre de ”ministre de la justice” en janvier 2006.”

Jag förtäljde till France 3 att Furst Albert visste mer än vad allmänheten må vilja veta avseende Narminos korrupta förehavanden innan fursten gav honom jobbet som chef för rättsväsendet i januari 2007 [error}

That I, as Albert’s Intelligence Adviser, working closely with senior Monaco police officers, investigated Narmino and concluded he was corrupt.

Que moi, en tant que Albert’s Intelligence Adviser, travaillant étroitement avec avec les officiers de police monégasque investigant Narmino ait conclu en ce qu’il était corrompu.

Att jag, såsom ”Albert’’s Intelligence Adviser”, som jobbat nära med högt rankad personal inom Monaco-polisen, kollade upp Narmino och kom till slutsatsen att han var korrumperad.

We recommended to Albert that not only should Narmino not be given the top job at justice, but that he be removed as a senior judge.

Nous recommendions à Albert non seuleument qu’il ne soit pas donné le poste suprême, sinon qu’il soit viré de son poste de président du tribunal.

Vi rådde Albert att tillse att Narmino inte bara ingalunda finge  toppbjobbet inom rättvisan utan – tvärtom – att han sparkas ifrån hans lagmannatjänst.

and replaced [BIMCAM trial] of the Monaco Red Cross.

Et remplacé par [BIMCAM en cour] la croix rouge monégasque.

Och ersatt som [BIMCAM rättegång] för Monacos Röda Kors.

A few days after France 3’s documentary was broadcast, Albert cancelled his engagements for the duration of July.

Quelques jours après la diffusion du documentaire de France 3, Albert annula tous ses engagements pour la durée du mois de juilet

Några dagar efter France 3:s sändning av dokumentären ifråga så kom Albert att strunta i samtliga sina åtaganden för juli månad.

What is less known is that Albert (according to two reliable sources) spent five days in a hospital for stress-related health issues.

Ce qui est moins su est le fait qu’Albert (selon deux sources crédibles) alla être hospitalisé durant cinq jours pour cause de stress.

Vad som är mindre känt (enligt två säkra källor) när att Albert spenderat fem dagar på sjukhus av stressrelaterade skäl.

Even Albert’s personal life is a shambles. Sources report that he and his wife, Charlene, have been living separately since at least July and are together only for official engagagements

Des sources nous disent que la vie personelle d’Albert est un fracas et que sa femme, Charlène aurait/a vécu séparément vis-à-vis son conjoint depuis au moins juillet dernier et ne se retrouvent que lors d’engagements proprement officiels.

Källor förtäljer oss att Alberts personliga liv är i spillror samt att hans hustru[ kvinna] , Cherlene har /lär ha levt åtskilt från sin ”make” sedan åtminstone juli månad och sammanträffar enkom för officiella plikter.

As Monaco’s National Day looms later this month, Albert’s days as ruling monarch may now be numbered.

[refus de traduction mais écriture italique et en gras par BIMCAM]
[översättningsvägran men kursiv och fet stil av BIMCAM]

Robert Eringer
November 2018
Robert Eringer
Novembre 2018
Robert Eringer
November 2018″

Leonid Slutsky (see BIMCAM’s reporting above and the clip in which he gives Prince Albert a mammoth) is number six, on the right, despite all warnings:

For tactical reasons, the article below is published in Swedish only.

Putinkritikerns ilska mot Sverige: Regeringen slängde ut mig

Bill Browder kämpar mot Rysslands korruption och oligarker

Uppdaterad: Publicerad: 

Han var tidigare en de största utländska investerarna i Ryssland men sedan många år är finansmannen Bill Browder en av den ryske presidentens största kritiker.

Efter att hans advokat, Sergei Magnitsky, avslöjat en korruptionshärva med ryska regeringstjänstemän dog advokaten i fängelse och sedan dess har Browder drivit en kampanj för att bekämpa rysk korruption och brott mot mänskliga rättigheter i Magnitskys namn, med den så kallad Magnitsky-lagen.

I en intervju med TV4 Nyheterna går Browder hårt åt den svenska regeringen, som han menar inte tagit ansvar i att tidigare införa sanktioner mot Putins Ryssland.

Kravet: Gasen måste stoppas

– Jag har legat på många länder för att få igenom Magnitsky-lagen. Jag reste till Sverige och träffade folk på utrikesdepartementet. De slängde praktiskt taget ut mig, säger finansmannen och den politiske aktivisten.

– Enligt dem var det så anstötligt att antyda att man borde ha sanktioner mot korrupta ryssar som bryter mot mänskliga rättigheter. Jag fick ett ohövligt bemötande från Sveriges regering varje gång jag försökte ta upp det här, fortsätter han.

Finansmannen menar att ryska gasen helt måste strypas och att först baltländerna – och sen Sverige – är på tur om Putin lyckas besegra Ukraina.

Bill Browders ilska mot Sverige: De slängde ut mig – tv4.se

Russian fighter planes armed with nuclear weapons in Swedish air space, March 2022.

Letter to a US embassy regarding Patricia Husson


The U.S. Ambassador to […]

Copy of letter to the Ukrainian president regarding freezing of assets of Sweden’s consul in Monaco.

Ambassador […],

Please find enclosed a copy in English and in French of my letter of February 26th 2022 to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. […].

I have practised law at Monaco’s prosecution’s office in the early nineties and volunteered in the Swedish naval forces (Kustartilleriet, KA1, Spärrbataljonen, Ubåtsskyddskompaniet) during the USSR era. My wedding witness was once the cousin and god son to Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Patricia HUSSON is the subject of criminal complaints in Sweden and in Monaco for crimes against each state. Her ability to corrupt Sweden’s authorities against its safety has been ever so proven on a daily basis. The main reason for her being able to continue is her having been awarded the Order of the Polar Star, hence His Majesty the King’s involvement. This medal, along with her status as a consul whilst working pro Russian interests as a councilor to the Monegasque Crown makes her prosecution in Sweden but also Monaco de facto impossible.

The EU has closed its air space to Russian planes. This must include Prince Albert’s private jet too, since it has repeatedly violated the Swedish territory. His traveling needs the aproval of the Crown council of Monaco, which I report on as “Kaliningrad II”.

I warned Sweden about Leonid Slutsky. It was America that eventually froze his assets. Patricia Husson pays for all Swedish representation so that Sweden not be figuring as corrupting. I consider her a liability for Sweden’s safety and to American interests. Her main companion in crime, Philippe Narmino – of whom I also warned his Majesty the King in 2010 – has since been prosecuted and his computers raided. He has followed orders from Patricia Husson.

In accordance with the oath that I swore in Vaxholm, Kastellet, in 1990, namely to protect King and country, I shall give copy of the present to Överbefälhavare Micael Bydén.

I fear that in the event of an attack on Sweden by Russia, or worse – WWIII – Sweden may be proven to stand on the wrong side of history due to the most effective corrupting tool ever: the Order of the Polar Star,

Kingdom of Sweden, February 28th 2022,

Yours sincerely,

David Fristedt
Editor and publisher
BIMCAM (Burglary In Monaco, Cambriolage À Monaco)
Tel: […]”

Photo by BIMCAM, 2018.

Letter to the Minister of Justice, France, regarding Patricia Husson



Monsieur le garde des Sceaux
Ministère de la justice
Hôtel de Bourvallais
13 Place Vendôme
75001 PARIS


Re: Copy of my recommended letter and e-mail to the President of Ukraine on the urgent need to freeze the assets of Patricia HUSSON, Sweden’s consul in Monaco and counsillor to the Monegasque Crown.

Guardian of the Seals,

I undersigned, David FRISTEDT, director and publisher of the Swedish publication BIMCAM (Burglary In Monaco, Cambriolage À Monaco), herewith share with You my letter of the 26th of February 2022 to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr ZELENSKY.

Patricia HUSSON’s power of corruption over the executive and judicial authorities of Monaco and Sweden are at least since 2006 continous and / or continuing. Officially accused of crimes against the Monegasque State (article 137 of the Monegasque Criminal Code) but particularily against the Kingdom of Sweden (19 kap. brottsbalken), her Order of the Polar Star medal and her position as a consul of Sweden have proven to be major obstacles for justice and a danger to the safety of the Kingdom that she corrupts horribly by leaning on His Majesty the King.

Apart from my legal practice at the Palais de Justice de Monaco (in 1993, under late RAINIER III’s reign), I have also practiced law at the prosecution’s office in Paris (see attached certificate), which has managed to successfully prosecute two former presidents for corruption related crimes. At the time, I was a member of the Society of prisons and criminal legislation [Société générale des prisons et de législation criminelle].

I am the responsable for the publication in two languages of the police reports on Philippe NARMINO, with masked names. After his intervention to the Swedish authorities asking them to remove them [the police reports], the Swedish Government has officially confirmed my world oldest constitutional rights to publish them. The Swedish magistrate who has worked during years for NARMINO was until recently chief of the [Swedish] international prosecution’s office. Her name is Lise TAMM, As an an acomplice and co-author, she is considered the Swedish equivalent of NARMINO. She has made an appearance at the [French] National Assembly. I have opened a file on her within the IACA, International Anti-Corruption Academy, Laxenburg, Austria, just as I successfully did on NARMINO. I have shared with Lise TAMM the non censored version of the police reports.

Patricia HUSSON acts within the Swedish Government’s office (Regeringskansliet) and within the Swedish embassy in Paris. All consular and diplomatic ways are corrupt. This is why, in a context of international security under Russian nuclear threat against the whole world, I believe that any contact with the Swedish authorities be shared with the American authorities. You are invited to ask for a copy of my letter in English to the United States Ambassador in […].

I have contacted the supreme Commander of the Swedish armed forces (Överbefälhavaren, ÖB) General Micael BYDÉN.

I should stress that the non renewal of Patricia HUSSON as consul for Sweden in Monaco and the retreival of her medal do not need to be motivated.

I would appreciate Your sharing the present with the President of the Republic.

Yours sincerely,

Kingdom of Sweden, 5 March 2022

Tel: […]
Attached documents: 2 [two] (Certificate from the prosecution’s office in Paris and the letter at stake to the President of Ukraine)

Cc: […]”

Update of the 30th of September 2022

Goodbye Patricia Husson!

As BIMCAM predicted, it took an aggression war by Russia with nuclear threats and the intervention of His Majesty the King of Sweden to finally get rid of Patricia HUSSON.

BIMCAM’s letters to President Zelensky, to the USA, to the Supreme Commander of the Swedish armed forces, to the Minister of Justice of France, to then leader of the Swedish opposition Ulf Kristersson – currently forming a new government – and to His Majesty the King (after briefing his lawyer for a decade) – bore fruit.

For the security of Sweden’s allies, what needs to be done as for now is to urgently dismantle the Swedish Transport Agency [Transportstyrelsen] which divulges military secrets for the benefit of Russia. It has admitted crimes against the safety of the Kingdom but is intent on committing further ones. Its power of corruption over Swedish courts – and most notably that of Attunda – is equal only to that of Patricia HUSSON’s. Sweden’s chief prosecutor Petra LUNDH is an enabler and will not be trusted with any information from BIMCAM.

Appointing Lise TAMM now, in September 2022, as prosecutor in The Hague is like appointing a Russian one. She has worked for Russian interests via Monaco for years and has tried to prosecute BIMCAM on behalf of Philippe NARMINO and Patricia HUSSON. As the Swedish Transport Agency knows, she was given the uncensored police reports on Philippe NARMINO amidst a kind request to stop working for the Russian maffia.

In the spring of 2021, Swedish police, prosecutors and judges under investigation by BIMCAM had access to its computer for several months after a theft committed by the investigated. BIMCAM holds the Court of Attunda – working for the Swedish Transport Agency since 2019 – as main responsible for it.

To be continued…

Update of the 7th of December 2022

Theft by the Police of BIMCAM’s car or bank fraud by the Swedish Transport Agency?

Kommissarie Ewa OLOFSSON, of the Police’s of the Police, refuses to give back BIMCAM’s car keys, stolen by the police in 2021. She and her superior, chief prosecutor Nicklas ENGLUND refuse to answer questions. Nicklas ENGLUND is the one who worked for Philippe NARMINO and Patricia HUSSON during the HUSSON-MALBRANCKE affair in 2011 and as such, for Russian interests.

On the 29th of November 2022, the Swedish Transport Agency [Transportstyrelsen] took out money – again (!) from DF:s bank account for having used the car at a toll station. Unless bank fraud has been committed, the only one with DF:s spare key is the Police, who seem to have “borrowed” the car.

BIMCAM shall again ask for the keys to be surrendered once and for all, by contacting Kommissarie Ewa OLOFSSON once again.

On the 17th of October 2022, un des policiers – Harald FERNSTRÖM – admitted under oath in front of the court of first instance of Attunda to the crime against the Kingdom of unauthorized dealing with secret information [olovligt förfogande av hemliga handlingar]. He was confronted with evidence in the form of official photographs taken by BIMCAM.

Summary of unanswered e-mail:

“Object: Ärende A125.536/2022

Kommissarie Ewa Olofsson,

Following your official decision of the 4th of March 2022, you are by the present e-mail notified tha I hold you responsible for the safe return of my car key.
In the KIngdom’s interests, I need to know if there are mor seized objects and if that is the case, I demand a declaration thereof.”

28th of January 2023.- See quote #1204 on topic 14 regarding chief prosecutor Lena Kastlund.

14th of Februari 2023.- The car key theft by the Swedish police is linked to organized crime imported from Monaco. The Swedish prosecutors,  who have helped Narmino and Husson, are being investigated within the frame of

Organized, continuous and / or continuing international crime on and off duty: instigation / conspiracy to commit and abetment / coaction to particularly serious cases of Crimes against the Kingdom’s safety; interferences in judicial matters; extortion; fraud; work environment related crimes; causing danger; money laundering; tampering with evidence; false affidavits; misleading; libel / slander; insult; forgery; falsification of public records; perjury; theft; animal cruelty (two cases); pressure on witnesses; professional misconduct / malpractice; unlawful threats; grounds for disbarment; data breach / theft / hacking; burglary; arbitrary conduct; crimes against the law of patient confidentiality; pretense of public position; unauthorized dealing with secret information; protection of criminals; preparation of crimes; bank fraud ; sabotage and more.

117 names are to be added to the “Klubb 19”. For a car key…

"Thanks! You are helping with keeping dictators awake during the night" - Civil Rights Defenders.


Sweden’s chief prosecutor Petra Lundh. Photo: Advokatsamfundet – Press

Stockholm, 10th of March 2023.- Justitieombudsmannen and Justitiakanslern have been urged to start a criminal investigation against Sweden’s chief prosecutor Petra LUNDH within the frame of State-sponsored, organized, continuous and / or continuing crimes as listed above. The criminal complaint is based on BIMCAM’s findings and is linked to the police reports on Philippe NARMINO (topic 9), which have vanished from the Swedish administrative supreme court. See update of the 17th of November 2023 below.


The backside of the Monegasque Grand Cross of the Order of Saint Charles, Monaco's most important distinction, given to Vladimir Putin by Prince Albert II for services to the State of Monaco and/or the prince.

“Today, 17 March 2023, Pre-Trial Chamber II of the International Criminal Court (“ICC” or “the Court”) issued warrants of arrest for two individuals in the context of the situation in Ukraine: Mr Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and Ms Maria Alekseyevna Lvova-Belova.”

Situation in Ukraine: ICC judges issue arrest warrants against Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and Maria Alekseyevna Lvova-Belova | International Criminal Court (icc-cpi.int)

Update of the 14th of April 2023

Note to Commandant Laurent Tournier of the Monegasque police, member of the Club 137.

Update of the 15th of May 2023

The following constitutes quote number 1202 under “Memorable quotes”, topic 14 on BIMCAM.

Anders Perklev. Photo: Swedish Supreme court, 17th of April 2023.

1202.- “[…] Vid registrering i Högsta domstolens elektroniska målsystem hade endast den första sidan av skriften registrerats. Högsta domstolen kan endast beklaga det inträffade och informera om att du har möjlighet att ansöka om resning på nytt. […]”

Citat ur “KONFIDENTIELLT MEDDELANDE” från Högsta domstolen den 12 maj 2023 klockan 11:13:55 i målnummer B8303-22, ett för den klagande parten okänt målnummer. Resning tarvar anmälan mot justitierådet Anders PERKLEV för brott mot Rikets intressen begångna sedan åtminstone hösten 2011 under dennes tid som riksåklagare och sedan president för Svea hovrätt.

“[…] During registration in the [Swedish] Supreme court’s målsystem [BIMCAM will not translate this word for now], only the first page of the writ has been registered. The Supreme court can only deplore the occured and inform that you have the possibility to seek revision anew. […]

Quote from “CONFIDENTIAL MESSAGE” of the Supreme court of the Kingdom of Sweden on the 12th of May 2023 att 11:13:55 hours in case number B8303-22, a number unknown to the plaintiff. Revision requires criminal complaint against the Supreme court’s judge Anders PERKLEV (appointed on the 17th of April 2023) on for crimes against the Kingdom’s interests committed since at least the fall of 2011 during his time as chief prosecutor of Sweden and later president of Svea hovrätt, Stockholms court of appeal.

All crimes were predicted in the letter to His Majesty the King of the 28th of May 2010, known as “The medal’s backside”, topic 8 on BIMCAM.

Anders PERKLEV was warned in 2011 about one of the persons which appear in the “Dossiers du Rocher”. A former prosecutor general of Monaco is a witness. The proofs come from the Swedish ministry of justice, Justitiedepartementet.

Henchman of Club 137.

[…] Lors de l’enregistrement dans le målsystem [BIMCAM ne traduit pas ce mot pour l’instant] du Tribunal suprême [suédois], c’est seulemet la première page qui a éte enregistrée. Le Tribunal suprême ne peut que déplorer ce qui s’est passé et informer de votre possibilité de faire un nouveau recours en révision. […]

Citation de “MESSAGE CONFIDENTIEL” du Tribunal suprême du Royaume de Suède du 12 mai 2023 à 11 heures 13 minutes et 55 secondes dans le cas B8303-22, numéro de dossier inconnu du plaignant. Une révision requiert une plainte criminelle contre le juge du Tribunal Suprême Anders PERKLEV (en place depuis le 17 avril 2023) pour crimes contre les intérêts du Royaume commis depuis au moins l’automne 2011 lorsq’il était procureur général de Suède puis président de Svea Hovrätt, la Cour d’appel de Stockholm.

Tous les crimes étaients prévus dans la lettre à Sa Majesté du Roi du 28 mai 2010, dit “Le revers de la médaille”, sujet 8 de BIMCAM.

Anders PERKLEV fut mis en garde en 2011 d’une des personnes figurant dans “Les dossiers du Rocher”. Un ancien procureur général de Monaco est témoin. Les preuves émanent du Ministère de la justice, Justitiedepartementet.

Homme de main du Club 137.


On Sweden’s national day, the 6th of June 2023, His Majesty the King made His speech about the Sweedish freedom of press, written in the Constitution since 1766. He informed us all that the ordinance now is on UNESCO’s memory of the world register. To all concerned, for all legal intents and purposes.

Updates of August and September*, now fall** 2023***

Patricia HUSSON’s and Philippe NARMINO’s Swedish accomplices officially suspected of espionage; adequate causality with “Les Dossiers du Rocher” (the Rock files) and the criminal trial against France’s minister of Justice; Albert II’s legal situation.

*Ongoing crimes to prevent the updates of August made BIMCAM add the word “September”.

** The word “fall” added on the 5th of November 2023due to ongoing crimes that are being comitted to prevent BIMCAM from updating this topic.

*** Update, 13th of March 2024: Daily crimes against the Kingdom and NATO:s interests by the Club 137 and Klubb 19 has inpeeded the full update of the 4th of August 2023. The update will continue during 2024 within Sweden’s new legal situation, having become member of NATO. That which has already been written below will be updated too.

Béatrice Bardy

“I see that You have order in Your files, Mister Fristedt. It’s an essential quality for a magistrate!”

Philippe NARMINO’s boss, speaking to David Fristedt at Monaco’s Palais de Justice, in 1993. Exact quote.

After DF:s letter of the 5th of March 2022 (see above / scroll up) to the French minister of Justice regarding Patricia HUSSON, Éric DUPOND-MORETTI was indicted before the Cour de Justice de la République and the Cour de cassation has ruled that he is to stand trial.

This is of the greatest interest while search warrants have been conducted at the premises of the members of the “G4” within the Rock files – Les Dossiers du Rocher. Please read the following news articles:




The G4 was started by Michel ROGER, receiver of Russia’s medal of friendship (topic 12), and its members are Didier LINOTTE, Laurent ANSELMI, Claude PALMERO and Thierry LACOSTE.

On Laurent ANSELMI, a reminder of what is written on this member of Club 137 and of Klubb 19 (topic 8 bis):

“ANSELMI Laurent.– [In French only, for tactical reasons] Aujourd’hui. le 14 juillet 20[…] sur ce même support, c. a. d. en ligne, contre Monsieur Laurent ANSELMI, je sous-signé, David Fristedt, rédacteur en chef et directeur de la publication BIMCAM que le lecteur est en train de lire actuellement, porte plainte contre un certain Laurent ANSELMI sis les articles 279 et 137 du Code pénal ainsi que de leurs équivalents en France au besoin.” 

On Thierry LACOSTE, one person comes to mind: judge Joël BOYER and his illegal ordinance of short notice (“de référé”) of the 1rst of April [sic] 2011 in Paris against agent 001 of M.I.S., MONACO INTELLIGENCE SERVICE. Joël BOYER is now a colleague to Jacques RAYBAUD (topic 6) of the French Cour de cassation and Monegasque Cour de révision.

Prince ALBERT II had been warned by M.I.S., by BIMCAM and by the work of instruction judge Édouard LEVRAULT, the one that Éric DUPOND-MORETTI didn’t like.

Proof of false translation by judge Joël BOYER: THIERRY THE STUPID WOMAN

Photo and masking with an MIS (Monaco Intelligence Service) pen - a gift which is still working - by BIMCAM.

A turkey is a large mainly domesticated game bird native to North America, having a bald head and (in the male) red wattles. It is a popular food on festive occasions such as Christmas and (in the US) Thanksgiving. Informally, it is something that is extremely or completely unsuccessful, especially a play or film: “the movie flopped—the second in a trio of turkeys”. Dinde is the French word for a female turkey, the male being called dindon. Dinde means stupid woman. Robert Eringer never wrote anything in French: this is judge Boyer’s doing. Instead of saying “stupid woman”, one can say “petite dinde”. Dindon is used in the expression “être le dindon de la farce“, to be the turkey of the joke, i.e. to be taken for a ride. Judge BOYER should know that Thierry Lacoste was called the vulture ( https://roberteringer.substack.com/p/monaco-disgraced-lawyer-thierry-lacoste ). Eringer was being kind displaying a turkey instead. However, there is a bird called turkey vulture. Translated into French – vautour à tête rouge, meaning red headed vulture – the joke gets lost. It is similar to the black vulture which appears in a variety of Maya hieroglyphics in Mayan codices. It is normally connected with either death or shown as a bird of prey. The vulture’s glyph is often shown attacking humans.

Coragyps atratus brasiliensis, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo: BIMCAM.

French Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti is known for flipping the bird. In French, that would be translated with actually tossing a real bird, a falcon, for example. A Falcon is also an aircraft model. It is the one used by Vladimir Putin’s colleague Prince Albert II to violate the Swedish airspace thanks to members of the Club 19 (scroll up for more information).

Albert's Falcon flipping the bird to Swedish airspace.

The people involved in the Rock files talk about birds all the time, as shown in this link: https://www.lapresse.ca/paris-match/2023-08-13/monaco-gate/le-prince-albert-reprend-la-main.php . Corbeau means crow, but also the author behind a poison pen. Oiseaux means birds, but un drôle d’oiseau, a funny / strange bird, means weirdo or someone to watch out for (in the context). Quoting a quote in the article: “« Mais Palmero lui a montré tous les messages envoyés sur son téléphone qui prouvaient le contraire, raconte un proche, et il a laissé échapper des noms d’oiseaux. »” (but Palmero has shown all the messages sent on his telephone that point to the contrary, someone close says, and he has set free bird names (i.e. names of shady people). Patrice Pastor, the real estate magnate accused by the G4 of being the “corbeau”, speaks about « une bande de vautours »“, a gang of vultures. As one would say in Swedish, Thierry Lacoste och domare Joël Boyer missade kråksången. Kråksången means the crow song, but in this context it means that Thierry Lacoste and judge Joël Boyer missed the whole point in using a bird, or any other animal for that matter. Indeed, Albert “nettoie les écuries”, means that he cleans up his mess, not his actual stables, the ones that housed  the two elephants  Baby and Nepal (now deceased) in Roc Agel. It becomes even more confusing when talking about mules , since Monaco got rid of “The Mule” (topic 5). There is a bird called pájaro burro, in Spanish, meaning bird ass or bird mule, in this context. The latin name is fregata magnificens.

Extremely stupid and wrongful translations is a trademark of Albert’s entourage. See topic 11 and the fact that Philippe Narmino had the police reports on him (topic 9) translated into Swedish and sent to the Swedish authorities which prompted the Swedish Government to clearify and prove that Monaco was in the wrong whilst committing crimes in the name of Albert II (scroll up for the fake judgement with blackmail in the name of Albert and the Swedish Government’s decision, one that current Justitekansler Mari Heidenborg (under JK, topic 8 bis) is trying hard not to accept whilst spreading BIMCAM’s secret telephone number).

DF spoke with the Swedish translator of Narmino’s criminal career and told him “what do you mean with Narmino having to travel to Nice to bathe and shower?” He said it was because of the words Bains Douches. DF told him that it was spelled with capital B and D and that it was a gay spa facility in Nice. The translator said he didn’t know. DF told him that he must have known, since it is located on the way to his office, just yards away. See? Sauna Les Bains Douches | Nice | Facebook  Vladimir Putin accepted Monaco’s finest medal from this client of said establishment.

In November 2018, after the prosecution of Narmino and his release from jail by Albert, Thierry Lacoste defamed Robert Eringer in an e-mail to Didier Linotte, Claude Palmero and others on behalf of Narmino whose interests he was clearly protecting. This is written for all legal intents and purposes. This shows that Philippe Narmino continues with his crimes and that he should return to jail without interference from Albert, not least in consideration of the blackmail possibilities the police reports warned the prince of.

SÄPO (Swedish secret police), whilst paying a visit to BIMCAM, was allowed to read freely from “The Spymaster of Monte Carlo by Robert Eringer”. It is a version printed in A4, without the pictures, which are on another computer: BIMCAM has many computers and anyone trying to look into them tends to get caught, as is the case now. This printed version weighs more than a kilo. It was printed because of Thierry Lacoste & C:o’s criminal intentions of removing information from the web. SÄPO could see that the only post-it in this dire volume concerns Thierry Lacoste. In Swedish, Lacoste är i knipa means that he is in dire straits, not inside a common goldeneye, a duck species which “knipa” also means. In French, the duck is called garrot à oeil noir, but the true meaning is être dans de beaux draps or dans le pétrin.

BIMCAM's first printed edition of The Spymaster of Monte Carlo, copyright Robert Eringer 2014. 
SÄPO found it of great interest.

Philipe Narmino is monitoring the “G4” and betraying Albert from the ACM, Automobile Club de Monaco, where he is president of a court of appeal for its members. His subordinate is DF’s former mentor, ex-prosecutor general Daniel Serdet. The latter is now a member of the Club 137. ACM’s president is still Crown councillor Michel Boéri – see his picture on topic 8. It is obviously very important for Narmino to be called “excellency” and “president”. BIMCAM has no problem in allowing him to be called president of his own cell, the one in which he so clearly belongs.

From ACM's website, Philippe Narmino and Daniel Serdet. The G4 is being monitored from 
the Automobile Club de Monaco. Note to the Monaco Grand Prix sponsors.

Daniel Serdet, receiver of the criminal complaint of the 2nd of August 2004 was Narmino's subordinate all along. 
He figures in Narmino's police reports which are now official - thanks to Narmino - and protected by UNESCO. 
He was called as a witness in the trial before the Supreme Court (topic 1).

Thierry the Turkey is a main protagonist in the Punta Perla scam, which legal matters were dealt with at a law firm called Lawbird, in Marbella. Thierry Lacoste told the world that Prince Albert had nothing to do with the scam, despite live coverage on TV in the Dominican Republic and these local, official words:

“Invitado de honor

El príncipe Alberto II de Mónaco, dio las gracias por la invitación al primer picazo y la calurosa bienvenida que recibió desde su llegada.”

The Punta Perla Scam is dealt withe here: scam | Punta Perla Dominican Republic (wordpress.com)

In one of the letters that DF sent to the G4 founder Michel Roger (Minister of State at the time), for the Attention of Prince Albert (see his letter of thanks on topic 12), DF wrote:

“Je note aussi que Vous semblez vouloir faire une campagne médiatique à travers YouTube pour promouvoir l’image de la Principauté et que, à en croire Monaco Hebdo en son numéro 717 dernier, vous désirez communiquer.” “En fonction du contenu de la campagne PR monégasque sur YouTube, je me réserve la possibilité d’utiliser cette même entreprise. Le mieux serait cependant d’agir en conformité avec la loi, d’indemniser les victimes en n’y ajoutant pas d’autres pour sauver l’image monégasque.”

Here is a Youtube communication which proves Thierry Lacoste’s false statements:


As Albert’s lawyer, he speaks for him, though. Not disavowing his lawyer, or rectifying the lawyer’s statements means aproval. An aggravating factor is that Albert later was to award Lacoste with the Order of the Grimaldis. Indeed, he was promototed officer of said order on the 17th of November 2021, eighteen days after the publication of the Dossiers du Rocher. This medal’s backside was published on the following 26th: Ordonnance Souveraine n° 8.897 du 17 novembre 2021 portant promotions ou nominations dans l’Ordre des Grimaldi. / Journal 8566 / Année 2021 / Journaux / Accueil – Journal de Monaco (gouv.mc)

The medal's backside, this time featuring the Order of the Grimaldis' officers' medal's backside, 
already on e-Bay, starring Thierry Lacoste.

Prince Albert’s legal situation in the fall of 2023

Béatrice Bardy, responsible for incriminating Prince Albert in all domestic and international organized crime.

STOCKHOLM 1 november 2023.- As of the 30th of October 2023, through criminal complaints needed for the updates of this topic (espionage), BIMCAM holds the new acting prosecutor general responsible for the safety of its editor and publisher. The headquaters of the prosecution offices of Sweden have confirmed receival of BIMCAM’s information which it has shared with SÄPO.

In Prince Albert II’s interests, and for Monaco’s new acting prosecutor general to be able to operate, Philippe NARMINO needs to regain his cell. Indeed, this childhood friend of Albert II is currently his backstabber number one.

Continuation of topic, which updates have been disturbed by the incriminated:

Béatrice BARDY.- In BIMCAM:s ongoing criminal complaints for espionage, former prosecutor general Anders PERKLEV (now judge at the Supreme court) is accused as main Swedish responsible for allowing Monaco to blackmail DF of BIMCAM and his mother in the name of Prince Albert II.

“Huvudansvarig för pågående utpressning om 5000,00€ per dag i furst Albert II:s namn under ca tio år. Sistnämnda skall nu ges möjlighet till att ta avstånd ifrån förfarandet.”

“Chief responsible for ongoing blackmail of 5000,00€ per day in the name of prince Albert II during some ten years. The latter shall now be given the possibility to distance himself from the practice.”

“Responsable principal du chantage en cours de 5000,00€ au nom du prince Albert II depuis une dizaine d’années. Il sera donné à ce dernier la possibllité de se dissocier de ces agissements.”

The “Albert judgement” (scroll up) is a forgery signed Béatrice BARDY. When Monaco claimed that DF and his mother had been convicted for defamation, it was asked to produce the judgement. Béatrice BARDY refused to send it and said that one had to come in person to the Palais de justice in Monaco and pay for it in order to retrieve it. A Swedish citizen was dispatched to Monaco and gave the money to get the judgement. Béatrice BARDY took the money but refused to give hand over the judgement. BIMCAM filed a complaint for theft thereafter. Philipe NARMINO later referred to the contents of the judgement when asking the Swedish authorities to close down BIMCAM, showing them his own translation into Swedish of Monaco’s police reports on him, the ones published on topic 9, thus making them official documents. The Swedish Government’s decision (scroll up) proves the crime but does not stop the blackmail. This is for Monaco’s prosecution to do. Sweden’s prosecution is to deal with NARMINO’s and HUSSON’s henchmen in relation to this international blackmail in the name of a chief of state. No account number has been provided to pay amounts. Former chief prosecutor (head of Monaco’s prosecution) Jacques DORÉMIEUX has testified in writing to these ongoing crimes. Through Béatrice BARDY’s actions, i.e. making public forgeries official and enforceable in the name of an unknowing (?) chief of state, Albert II figures as chief blackmailer. Only by allowing the new prosecutor general and in Monaco to act against BARDY and NARMINO can Albert II clear his name. NARMINO’s Swedish henchmen at the highest level work actively to protect him. Last proof of this was given to BIMCAM on the 31th of October 2023. Béatrice BARDY worked in the Tribunal Suprême with the incriminated, as the painting shows on topic 1. People like her “legalize” burglaries by Monegasque officials in the name of the Prince.

Albert II can ask his crown councillor Alain SANGIORGIO about BIMCAM's editor and publisher's practice at Béatrice BARDY's office in 1993.

The trial against France’s minister of justice starts on the 6th of November 2023. In order for it not to be obstructed, public order and Prince Albert II:s credibility demand that Philippe NARMINO not be able to communicate with anyone. Albert II must distance himself from prosecuted Philippe NARMINO now, in public, or risk becoming viewed as partner in crime.


STOCKHOLM, 17th of November 2023.- The trial against Francs’s Minister of Justice ended today. The prosecution asks for Éric DUPOND-MORETTI to be sentenced to one year in prison and that the sentence be suspended. Meanwhile, in Sweden:


7th of March 2021.- Theft of BIMCAM:s computer and unauthorized dealing with secret information. Crimes admitted under oath (film in court) by the police officer  pictured above, who added that this sort of crimes is systematic within the Police. Black masking here by BIMCAM since the responsibility is higher up in the hierarchy, and ultimately belongs to "NARMINO and the gang". His name must, however, be shown here, since the corrupt courts insist on calling him David in public writs, instead of Harald FERNSTRÖM. Anders THORNBERG was his boss. Photo: BIMCAM.

Anders THORNBERG was lately prompted to file a complaint against his own organization to the work environment inspection, Arbetsmiljöverket, after the death of his colleague, a potential successor of his.  In a matter of partiality over a kind of ménage à trois (or more) involving a female colleague, Police Chief Mats LÖFVING was found dead. A murder investigation was quickly ruled out in favor of one for suicide. However, the Police refused to cooperate with Arbetsmiljöverket and questions were left unanswered. On the 5th of September 2023, it ordered the Police to answer questions before the 5th of November 2023 or face a fine of 150.000,00SEK.  This is nothing but a fine for the tax payers. The Police stated that it liked the deal.

During this former head of SÄPO’s tenure under the HUSSON-MALBRANCKE-affair, where Russian spies worked, Sweden’s day to day shootings are about to rival those of Mexico, per capita.

Anders THORNBERG will now become Landshövding, a common office of high position that relegated officials tend to accept.  He is succeeded by… wait for it… Petra LUNDH!


(President of Stockholm’s Court of appeal for only 61 days)

Petra LUND's instagram account from April 2023, when she was prosecutor general of Sweden, Riksåklagare, prior to becoming president of the Court of appeal in Stockholm. "f.d. pingisproffs" means ex pro [sic] of [slang for] ping pong [should be "table tennis"]. Note the emoji. Priorities in a CV...

To be continued…

Update of the 18th of December 2023


Current acting prosecutor general Katarina JOHANSSON WELIN (former boss of Lise TAMM) has been the henchman of Patricia HUSSON and Philippe NARMINO since at least 2011 when she was chief of the international prosecution office in Stockholm (espionage).

Laurent TOURNIER of the Monegasque Police, henchman of Patricia HUSSON since 2011, protected by acting prosecutor general Katarina JOHANSSON WELIN within the frame of espionage.

To be continued…


16th of Februari 2024.-


4 June 1976 – 16 February 2024


19th of February 2024, live:

Stella Assange and Assange Defense present the 24 hr Countdown to Day X! – YouTube

13th of March 2024.- Continuation of update of the 4th of August 2023, one which has been impeeded on a daily basis since (that which has been written since – scroll up – will be updated).

Quote 1199, topic 14, constitutes information to the Administrative appeals court (The Husson-Malbrabcke Affair), case KR604-24:

“Ur gårdagens citat nr 1199, BIMCAM, ruta 14:” Skälen som anförts i mitt överklagande har med förberedelser till brott mot Rikets intressen att göra där min motpart är Transportstyrelsen efter erkännande av brott mot Rikets säkerhet. Den skada som redan skett och som kommer att redovisas för offentligt i ett senare skede är irreversibel. Jag väntar med att formulera mig tills Sveriges flagga vajar vid Nato:s högkvarter.”

Tidsfristen visar att Kammarrätten ignorerat ovanstående information som den tidigare erhållit.

Förberedelse till brott mot Rikets intressen med Förvaltningsdomstolens hjälp är anmält på förhand i yttrandet.

Det framgår ur mitt yttrande att det inte är komplett (inväntar underlag från Transportstyrelsen).

Målet hinner inte handläggas innan tiden för spärrtiden löpt ut. Efter den 27 mars har jag ingen anledning att föra en process vidare utan hänvisar till pågående mål om brott mot Rikets intressen som rekonventionstalan avser och i vilken förevarande ingår.

Då huvudärende om spioneri avses i mitt yttrande så skall detta framgå ur beslut / dom. Avsaknad därom härrör till försvinnandet av mål HFD1226-12 som kommer sig av mål KR7408-11″.

The court knew that it was not to issue any illegal deadline prior to Sweden’s flag swaying at NATO:s headquarters in Brussels. Still, it did, knowing that BIMCAM was the target of hacking: no functional website, telephones wired, no safe car, sabotage of boats and mooring. As a result, the picture below, on the same day as the illegal deadline under blackmail of the same kind as in 2011, shows a TV screen du to the impossibility of following news online. BIMCAM managed to restore everything last sunday, the day before the ceremony in Brussels. Just like the signature from Hungary’s executive power needed to be given into hands in Washington, so does any information from BIMCAM to the Swedish one. Now Sweden’s flag is among the other thirty one at NATO:s headquarters, and now, BIMCAM can write what it never could without jeopardizing its membership’s procedure: “En svensk tiger”.


Foto by BIMCAM of svt:s live coverage of Sweden joining NATO. 
BIMCAM was - as predicted (23 kap. BrB) -  out of order at the time.

Reminder of DF:s letter of the 28th of May 2010 to His Majesty the King:

“With Mrs Patricia Husson’s complacency, anyone who has belongings in Monaco can lose them at anytime. This is an ongoing fact. In this case, it is a private Swedish family which has become a victim.

Another time, it can be a Swedish company which may be robbed of all its confidential documents, internet bank access codes etc. and where strangers or the authorities illegally take possession of pictures of all its belongings.


The Prince’s right-hand-man, Mr Philippe Narmino, against whom a criminal charge has been laid, chief of the Red Cross in Monaco, is co-perpetrator and first responsible of the abuses of power and crimes that have been committed and that are continuous and / or continuing, which makes it impossible for me to contact H.S.H. Prince Albert II.”


This criminal complaint – which is the second one for espionage – was rendered official by responsible number one Katarina Johansson-Welin so that the people that have worked for Monaco since 2004 could be warned and erase files. BIMCAM had that all figured out. Indeed, it never sent her the dossier, only its description.

According to Katarina Johansson-Welin, the preparation of crimes against the State does not constitute a crime, nor does attempted murder on BIMCAM:s editor and publisher, nor preparation of murder on witnesses. In fact, flewing off the handle, she states through inplication  that no crime has been comitted since 2004.

SÄPO and MUST have Russian spies among its staff. Katarina Johansson-Wellin does not want to remedy to it. BIMCAM stated over ten years ago (scroll up) that this would be a case for NATO. Well, here we are… Here is the preface of the complaint:



Att: The prosecutor general


Exp: [N.N]


Date: 29 October 2023

Re: Criminal complaint (espionage)




1.- Espionage.

2.- Unauthorized aggravated dealing with secret information,attempt of unauthorized agravated dealing with secret information, preparation of crimes, protection of criminals, fraud, money laundering, blackmail, data breach / theft / hacking; and more.

3.-The  crimes comitted by those prosecuted by DF [of BIMCAM] (number 7 within the appeal to the Supreme court of Sweden, se below under Vice chief prosecutor Tomas Mattsson).

Criminal investigation within the Supreme court alongside consumption of crimes (6th October 2023, proof on the 13th October 2023).

Criminality in time: since the late nineties with the same perpetrators now as then. These perpetrators have – as predicted – gained key/top positions within the legal system.





With foreign power it is refered to Russia through Monaco and others. Main criminal intent (consumed): induce Sweden amidst its balance of powers to vote for the adhesion of Russia and Monaco to the Council of Europé and thus, to the European court of human rights (Russia has now been excluded); corruption with blackmail opportunities against Sweden prior to the anexation of Crimea and later Ukraine; infiltration and corruption of the Swedish legal system and its secret services alongside Transportstyrelsen, the Swedish transport agency; the creation of a corrupt culture for the new recrutement of lawyers; positioning of selected individuals on most top jobs within the legal system and other agencies and the creation of networks such as HILDA and RUBEN; the creation of Transportstyrelsen which in the event of an anexation of Sweden would already be in place as a full functioning Stasi-like apparatus.

The corruption has forced the responsible in Sweden to close their eyes on the preparation of crimes against the security of the Kingdom in order to avoid prosecution for committed crimes. The main criminal intention through the protection of criminals (the proper group) consists in that under no circumstances taking act of or investigate warnings of preparation of crimes through private prosecutions. New, reinforced threat scenario known by the Police and JO, The Swedish Ombudsman, since the 4th of October 2023 where immediate action by the prosecution’s office is called for in the interests of the Kingdom and its allies.

Requirement that the conditions of my and witnesses’ perpetual security by arranged. The prosecutor general must be able to vouch for it. Danger arises at the reception of the present in the case it were to be wrongly dealt with.

The present complaint is being made under new blackmail from principal instigators.

Plaintiffs are, beside myself, mainly the Kingdom as well as several foreign secret services and investigators within prosecution offices, courts and chiefs of State.

I , [N.N.] am since 2004 plaintiff in main cases abroad against principal instigators of crimes against the security of the Kingdom. In seazed computers and mobile phones within search warrants in Monaco and France at the homes and working places of among others the ex chief of Monaco’s legal system and its chief of State’s childhood friend prosecuted Philippe NARMINO, awarders of medal to Vladimir PUTIN; at the homes and working places of nowadays ex chief of Monaco’s Tribunal Suprême; at Monaco’s chief of State’s nowadays ex lawyer and childhood friend; Monaco’s chief of State’s and ex chief of State’s nowadays ex accountant who was removed by the prince’s carabineers with immediate effect are to be found evidence that supports the continuous and / our continuing crimes against the security of the Kingdom. This is being communicated considering that the prosecutor general must be ready to immediately reevaluate (during the lecture of the present complaint) colleagues and realize  that several of them are suspects. Herefore, free reins shall be given to skilled prosecutors whom I can trust. What is going on in Monaco is called ”Les dossiers du Rocher” or ”The Rock files”.

Topic 15 on BIMCAM is being updated and I have been hindered from doing it since the beginning of August 2023. New updates are to be included in the present complaint. Direct link to topic 15: https://bimcam.com/theft-in-monaco-monte-carlo/c15/ .

The chief of SÄPO [see topic 8 bis] Charlotte von ESSEN must not lead the investigation now. This is due to her membership within the HILDA network.

The basis of this criminal complaint is protected by Tryckfrihetsförordningen and the USA’s SPEECH act. The basis was stolen by the Police on the 6th of March 2021 and later probably once more by the Police after which I was without computer for three months.

The criminal complaint is being filed in order to prevent – in real time – the concretization of irreversible dammage to the Kingdom. It demands the opening of a criminal investigation (formality) due to pre-trial confidentiality alongside obvious danger of collusion.

Pocket dialings have since a long time made it possible for me to listen to highly private and incriminating conversations between the involved, abroad as well as in Sweden (RUBEN and / or HILDA).”


Since December 2019, BIMCAM is waiting for the authorities – legal and political ones – to aknowledge and let the Supreme Court legally confirm that David Fristedt owed 0,00SEK for the registration of his ship, a case going back to 1999, one that he won in 2015. In doing so, it would end the alteration through forgeries in public writs of counterparts’ names in legal procedures, and prove that it was a crime to take out over 20.000,00 SEK from his private bank account for the benefitnof someone whith whom DF had never had a legal case with. The modus operandi is the one DF warned H.M. the King of. Se case HDÖ2276-21, under current revision for the umpteenth time (déni de justice by the incriminated).

Proof of wrong counterpart and absence of debt that the Supreme Court refuses
to acknowledge since 2021 (HDÖ2276-21 and all cases that have emerged since)
. The reason for the refusal to acknowledge the evidence is for 
Transportstyrelsen - The Swedish Transport agency, working for Russian 
interests with the permission of Katarina Johansson-Welin - to be able 
to rob bank accounts, just as in Monaco.


The Police continues in its refusal to give back BIMCAM:s spare car key and has threatened to steal the remaining one. DF was forced under threat of arrest to leave evidence (the car and its headquarters) unattended. Oil leakage was later discovered. The electronics have been tempered with. When turning on the ignition, it says “BRAKE FAILURE – STOP THE CAR AT FIRST OPPORTUNITY”. BIMCAM calls this ongoinig kind of preparation of crimes “Lex Renucci”. Note to Stockholms admonistrative court of appeals, responsible.

All witnesses should check their car brakes and their surroundings in general. This goes for the imcriminated too, and their families – note to prosecutors Nicklas ENGLUND and Tomas MATTSSON (both accused in the criminal complaint for espionage) who refuse to give back the key or to tell what has happened to it.

Serious crimes will be perpetrated (consumed) after the 27th of March 2024. Stockholm’s administrative court of appeals has been asked to remedy to it (17 & 23 kap BRB vs 19 Kap BrB).

BIMCAM, Stockholm, 13 mai 2024.- À l’attention de Monsieur le Procureur général de Monaco: Relance de toutes les plaintes visées par BIMCAM depuis le 13 mai 2004 et plaintes contre X en découlant; crimes continus et / ou continués; chantage au nom du Prince (décision du Gouvernement suédois ; ); suédois à Votre attention du 17 juin 2015  JuBC2014/1680/BIRS (partiellement); préparation de crimes envers les États monégasque et suédois avec le feu vert de complices (”Klubb 19”, plainte criminelle pour espionage AMR7849-23) de Philippe NARMINO et de Patricia HUSSON entre autres membres du ”Club 137”.

BIMCAM, Stockholm, 13 May 2024.- For the attention of Monaco’s Prosecutor general: relaunch of all criminal complaints highlighted by BIMCAM since the 13th of May 2004 and criminal complaints against X as a result; continuous and / or continuing crimes; blackmail in the name of the Prince (decision by the Swedish Government for Your attention on the 17th of June 2015 JuBC2014/1680/BIRS (partially); preparation of crimes against the Monegasque and Swedish States greenlighted by the acomplices (“Klubb 19”, criminal complaint in Sweden for espionage AMR7849-23) of Philippe NARMINO and of Patricia HUSSON among other members of the “Club 137”.

25th of June 2024.- Julian Assange free!

To be continued…