Extracts from David Fristedt’s recommended letter of 30 March 2011 to France’s judicial Supreme Court’s (Cour de cassation) chief judge (Premier Président) Mr Vincent Lamanda:


Object : Information of public interest regarding Mr Jacques Raybaud


I have the honour as well as the unpleasant duty to write you, in view of the recent nomination to the Cour de Cassation of Mr Jacques RAYBAUD, who leaves his duties as chief prosecutor of Monaco.

Indeed, Monaco’s new chief prosecutor will have to investigate Mr Raybaud’s part in it’s criminal context within what since 2005 has been named the “Staples, marker pen and IT-bug Affair”.

In order to enable you to get an idea, I ask you please to study this website, www.bimcam-com , starting notably with this direct link : www.bimcam.com/raybaud-monaco.html .[original French link: www.bimcam.com/raybaud-monaco-f.html ]. This in order for you to consider the compatibility – yes or no – with a nomination at the Cour de Cassation of Mr Raybaud, while the latter is implicated in an astounding, ongoing international affair.

I write you this in the interest of public order, and from a civic duty, whereas I take the liberty to kindly ask you to show this, indeed, to the President of the Republic, having signed to the decree hereby put into question.

French excerpts [here in English] from the bilingual website, on the Raybaud case:

“ So, the third chief prosecutor in this affair leaves in turn, without having taken notice of the following dispositions of the Monegasque Criminal Code (see end of page), but having on the contrary contributed to the criminality in the Principality.”


“ In order to make sure that Mr Narmino not be interfering during this next step, a copy of it shall be reserved for the attention of the Cour de Cassation.”


“ Today and for almost six years, whoever resides in Monaco, or whoever wishes to do so or invest there or whoever already has investments there, runs the real risk, confirmed in writing, of being ruined. I plan to put an end to this, even if it displeases you.”

Due to the fact that Monaco has allowed this scandal to take on international proportions, taking the forged documents and slander towards third party with blackmail on an international level by sending them to the Swedish government, and also due to the attitude of the Swedish Consul in Monaco, also Councillor to the Monegasque Crown Mrs Patricia HUSSON, a copy of the letter has been sent to:

His Majesty the King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf;
His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco;
His Excellency, the Minister of State of the Principality of Monaco, Michel Roger;
Statsminister Fredrik Reinfeldt, Minister of State of the Kingdom of Sweden.”

Excerpt from the letter of the 2nd of June 2010 to the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Sweden, Statsminister Fredrik Reinfeldt :

(My translation from Swedish) “So Monaco’s incriminated bailiff and a non entitled embassy have given the Swedish Government – among other things – false statements of a different kind than those who later were to be sent to me by late Rainier Imperti of the Monegasque equivalent of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, via Monaco’s consul in Stockholm, Mr Olof Sjöström, in an obviously failed attempt to exert pressure on I undersigned in order to cover up for criminal activities committed by the Monegasque authorities.


I have chosen to send His Excellency the same documents that have been received by His Majesty the King Carl XVI Gustaf in his quality as awarder of the Order of the Royal Polar Star, containing the same material as that sent the other day to His Excellency’s colleague in Monaco.”

The not free Monegasque press sits on quite some information in this matter, but as the Council of Europe recently were to conclude, the said press is still not free.

I have no reason to believe that the President of the Republic would have signed the decree at stake had He had the knowledge of this continuous and / or continuing international scandal.

Yours sincerely,
Kingdom of Sweden, 30 March 2011

Cc: Monaco Hebdo, not least.
The Commissioner for Human Rights, Council of Europe, Mr Thomas Hammarberg.


           Update of the 27th of March 2015 due to new events


Article 1, §2.- The Principality of Monaco commits itself to seeing to that the actions it conducts within the exercise of its sovereignty be consistent with the fundamental interests of the French republic over matters of politics, economics, security and defense […]. [translation by www.bimcam.com]

Refer in the left  margin to topics 8 (article 77 of the Monagasque Constitution) and  15 (on the Russian year 2015 in Monaco) in light of current sanctions by the European Union against Russia and the fact that Monaco is not a member of the EU. Do also note, for example, the recent nuclear threat against a EU- member, the Kingdom of Denmark:


To be continued…